Backup Management

A backup solution for your Samco Power Accounting system and all your computers. SamcoStor uses a cloud based architecture to ensure your data is safe and accessible at all times.

Your data is the most important asset. Without a solid backup strategy your data and your business are not protected and it is only a matter of time before disaster strikes. 

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Choose your operating System:
  • Windows

  • MacOS

Feature Summary

  • Cross platform, works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

  • Continuous and incremental backups.

  • Web based interface.

  • Easy to use scheduler.

  • Supports clients and servers including MS Exchange and SQL.

  • Military grade encryption.

  • Mobile backup.

  • Easily restore backups.

Advantage summary

  • Be confident your data is safe.

  • Easy to use setup and configuration.

  • Reduce costs of downtime.

  • Be prepared in the event of a disaster.

  • Keep customers confident their information and data is secure.

  • Manage decisions with ease, knowing data is completely backed up.

  • Eliminate data loss.

  • Backup is stored offsite for added security.

Full Featured

SamcoStor has the features you need to keep your data safe and your business running. SamcoStor uses a intuitive with a browser based user interface. Support for all popular operating systems means that all your systems are covered. Backup works with any type of data, documents, emails, MS Exchange, SQL etc. You don’t have the time to worry about configuring more software, so SamcoStor is easily configured and requires little administration. With scheduled backups you don’t need to worry about remembering to back up, its automatic and frequent.

Always protected

Scheduled backups mean you don’t have to worry about your data any longer, its safe and secure. Scheduled backups can be performed continuously, every few hours, or on a daily or weekly basis. Computing power and bandwidth are expensive and so SamcoStor supports incremental backups to only backup changes saving time and compression is utilized in order to save valuable disk space. Your data is stored off site and managed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Never worry if your data is backed up with SamcoStor


Encryption is standard today. Leaving your data unencrypted means taking an unnecessary risk. SamcoStor eliminates risk by providing 448-bit encryption based on the proven Blowfish algorithm. Your data will never be left unsecured by applying encryption before it leaves your machine.

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