Samco Webclock

A simple, flexible, and easy to use web-based time clock for gathering clock in/out data.


  • Web based for easy access for any browser enabled device;

  •  Quick clock in/out using a unique password for each employee;

  • Add new customers or items ‘on-the-fly’ during invoicing or order entry.

  • Optional Note on clock in/out;

  • Optional Job ID entry during clock in/out;

  • User definable Message of the Day that appears on the Clock In/Out screen;

  • Supports for an unlimited number of employees (Free version limited to 5);

  • Support for unlimited number of Offices;

  • Support for unlimited number of Groups;

  • Support for unlimited number of Job IDs (optional);

  • Users can optionally be identified as system administrators, time administrators, and / or report users;

  • Employee accounts can be disabled, and re-enabled at any time to support seasonal workers;

  • User definable In/Out status;

  •  Employees can be optionally required to enter a Job ID when clocking in/out;

  • In/Out Status can be colour coded for easy identification;

  • View Current Status function allows easy viewing of who is clocked in/out, as well as what Job they are currently or were last working on;

  • Import function for loading employees from 3rd party payroll or time and attendance system with easy to use drag-and-drop template facility;

  •  Import function for loading Job ID records from 3rd party application;

  • All reports can be exported to CSV format for opening in a spreadsheet;

  • Daily Time Report provides a chronological break down of user clock in /out activity;

  • Hours Worked Report summarizes hours worked by day;

  • Job ID Report summarizes hours attached to a job ID for each employee;

  • Audit Report is for technical administrators a chronological listing of transaction detail, including when it was made, who it was made by, at what IP address, and even a modification reason;

  • Custom CSV function allows you to create your own custom CSV export file using a simple drag-and-drop facility;

  • Interfaces time transactions with Samco’s Time and Attendance module;

  • Built-in standard reports can be displayed or exported for use in a spreadsheet;

  • Hosted on our network of high-availability servers;

  • Free version is limited to 5 employees;

  • Free 30 day trial available.

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