Accounting software

Many of the Samco applications/packages are of a specific type and require specific knowledge, education prior to user/employee being trained on the application(s). For example, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation Canadian Payroll, all require at a minimum, bookkeeping and/or accounting fundamentals. Inventory Management requires knowledge of products, picking, packing, shipping and receiving and other related skills. Canadian Payroll requires a knowledge of the Federal, Provincial and local government regulations and requirements as well as Employer/Employee Rights. Samco training teaches the application of that knowledge to our modules, and how to apply them to accomplish the expected results, it does not and cannot be expected to provide or replace the required knowledge behind the application. There may be other requirements for the proper use and reporting results from the software beyond the foregoing, which is only provided as an example and is not a full or extensive list of such requirements.

Samco Business Applications are completely modular, allowing us to assemble the best combination to meet each client’s individual requirements. Some modules are best suited for certain industries, types of conditions within the industries, or individual locations within a business. There are two areas which we allocate the modules to,  Core and Extended.

Core Modules

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