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What is AEP?

A.E.P. is Samco’s synchronism for Annual Enhancement Plan.

  •  A.E.P. provides software updates as completed by Samco Software Inc. on our Samco Power Accounting series of software.   It includes changes required by Government and technology.
  •      You will pay an Annual Fee for A.E.P. in advance each year for all of the modules which you hold a current license for. Monthly payments can be arranged, but the contract is for 12 months and if, for some reason you decide to cancel your Plan, you will be required to pay any amounts still outstanding for the current 12 month Subscription.
  •  We do not charge any additional amount for paying your A.E.P. monthly.
  •   Samco will provide A.E.P Updates on a “as available basis”, there will be at least two (2) times per year for all Canadian Payroll licensees, on for July 1st updates and changes, and a second one for January 1st updates and changes, including the new format for T4 forms or filing methods.
  • A.E.P. does not include any support, modifications, form changes, training, etc. but only the software updates when available. All services, not limited to those above, are charged at our then current hourly fee for service basis. As long as your A.E.P. is current, you will receive a 10% discount off our standard Retail Pricing.

If you are interested in our more complete Support Plan, please consider C.A.M.P., which stands for Care and Application Maintenance Plan.

To see our comparison between A.E.P. and C.A.M.P., please visit our page here.


Contents and terms are subject to change without notice at Samco Software Inc.’s sole discretion

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