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Samco Fishpro

Samco Software offers one of the only commercial fishing software packages available with Canadian fisheries in mind.  Manage and track your fishery easily bringing fisher data into Samco Fishpro.  Create useful financial reports and increase productivity and total catch rates by understanding fisher and vessel performance.


  • Process fishing logs at sea or dockside.
  • Organize assets and expenses like vessels, bait, fuel, crew share, and ice.
  • Track and organize fish tickets
  • Generate timely reports based on fisher and vessel catch rates and value.
  • Track weights and value
  • Handles Department of Fishers and Oceans (DFO) requirements
  • Split catch income with crew, skipper and owner
  • May be used either independently or integrated with General Ledger, Order Entry/Billing, Inventory Control, Point of Sale, Purchase Order, and/or Job Cost
  • Supports multiple companies
  • Provides for multiple warehouses
  • Supports multiple tax codes
  • Provides for modification and deletion of tickets before posting
  • Optionally provides use of DFO information
  • Reports are available for tracking of area codes, landing status, delivery locations, packers, gear types, Fisher, species and users
  • Multiple tickets for gear types
  • Fifty species can be entered on one ticket
  • Prices can be temporarily or permanently overridden
  • Creates automatic adjustment tickets based on user selection criteria
  • Will automatically calculate EI and Third Party Demands
  • Will print Records of Employment, T4F and T5 Forms, and a WCB report
  • Prices can be by weight or auto-piece count
  • Distribution to Fishers can be by dollars, percent or share
  • Includes optional password protection and backup/restore facilities.
  • Will calculate interest charged or earned on Fishers accounts 


  • Track vessel performance
  • Improve fisher productivity
  • Understand overall fishery performance
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