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We would like to thank all our clients, who thoughtfully completed and returned our survey.

While some of you did suggest we make a few minor changes and we definitely received some great new ideas, the results were as follows; 46.7% gave us an A+ or better rating (one client added 4 +'s to the A+) and 36.8% gave us an A rating. The remainder was 16.5% at B. We were ecstatic that we received no surveys with less than a B rating!

Again, thank you very much!!

Also, Samco is rated one of the 10 best Technology Solution Providers.

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Here is some of our Client's Feedback!

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel and Wall Centre Financial

We have been using Samco Power Accounting software in our hotels and Financial Centre since 1994 to handle our General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Time and Attendance needs. We have found that Samco's people are the best at what they do and are all great people to work with. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and completely professional in performing their work and training, They have the ability to deal with all questions in a timely manner while being a joy to work with! They definitely know and enjoy their jobs while having fun doing them at the same time. I recommend Samco’s products and services to anyone without qualification. 

— Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel - Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport Hotel - Comfort Inn Airport Hotel - Wall Centre Financial —— amie Lacroix, Regional Controller

# 1 - Gold Medal for Hardware and Networks!

Samco has been providing us with support for their Power Accounting applications for many years and when we realized we needed new computers, we asked them what they  recommended? Not only did they provide us with recommendations, but they offered to supply us with the hardware, configure and install it. They also did testing on our network and upgraded it to a system that is far better than what we had installed 2 years before by a local company. Now that we know Samco does all of the work, (they did tell us, we just weren't listening before), we only use them for all our computer needs. We are now having them monitor (manage) our network and do our backups and would never use anyone else again! Hats off to everyone at Samco - You really are the best and now we can relax, because we know you are taking care of our systems so we can take care of what we do best. 

Northern Metalic Sales Calgary. Barry Gurnsey, President

Praise for Support

Samco's support personnel have an excellent knowledge of the software and make sure that I completely understand the problem at hand and the reason behind the solution. I have dealt with a number of other help desks before and that's exactly what they were - 'Help Desks'. They were the ones that needed the help! There was very little support offered and from people without the required knowledge to give it. It really makes things easier knowing that if a problem arises it can be addressed and resolved in a reasonable amount of time. —Growers’ Supply Limited.

Toronto Reseller Comments

We have been dealers for Power Accounting software for over 20 years and as is so often the case, we have not put on paper the reasons that we continue to supply and support your software in the Greater Toronto area. First of all, we are not blind to other accounting software, as we supply and support other products as well. We have always taken the approach that there is no one software product that is the perfect match for everyone. Therefore we are in a good position to judge. Your product is rock solid and provides a complete audit trail of all transactions, which is crucial in this day and age. Data entry is extremely quick. This promotes efficiency, as that is where most time is spent with any accounting software. It has the most versatile Payroll module that I have ever seen. Sometimes our mutual clients come up with an unusual deduction that they want automated. While I have been challenged, I have always been able set it up for them in Power Accounting. We are looking forward to a continuing relationship with you and your company.

Bryan Doran & Associates, Systems Consultant, Toronto

Systems Consultant Firm

The strength of the software can be summarized as follows: 1. Its ability to handle regular and unusual business transactions or practices. 2. Its ability to retain a very detailed audit trail over many fiscal years. This is especially welcomed by the auditors and accounting staff. 3. Its ability to report on the financial data and to export this data to other financial applications. 4. Its quick and varied response when users need to view data on screen. The exceptional strength of the software is that it is designed and continues to be enhanced for the varied types of users, A) data entry personnel, B) senior accounting and bookkeeping staff ,and finally C) senior management & auditors’ reporting needs.

—Total Office Solutions, Serge Leblanc Financial Accountant 

Duty Free Export Company

We have worked with Samco since 1997, designing and implementing a nationwide, multi-site network with fully integrated accounting, order entry, purchasing software customized for duty free retail, wholesale and distribution. We utilize a combination of SCO Unix, Windows 95,98 and NT systems and use EDI transactions with major vendors and customers. Samco has consistently gone the extra mile to try to understand our business needs and bring an expanded awareness to solving our problems, not putting on a Band-Aid. We look forward to expanding business with their help and to a long and  successful partnership.

—Fairn & Swanson Inc.

"..the best software money can buy..."

“Samco Power Accounting software, in a data intensive operation, such as in Point of Sale or Order Entry, is the best software money can buy given the ease and efficiency of data input and the minimization of mouse movement that otherwise would waste time and money." 

Endeavor Chartered Accountants, Tim Ell, Founding Partner

Major Retail Chain Selects Samco Software Inc. to Supply its IT Needs

"... It is doubtful that another company could have achieved this result ..." October 13, 2007 – A Major Retail Chain in Macau, SAR, China selected Samco Software Inc. of Surrey, BC, Canada, to supply their IT needs - hardware, software, training and support for their new retail project. 

The network spread over three countries and was comprised of four retail stores totalling almost 20,000 square feet, two warehouses and two offices. After reviewing their options for local and international providers, Samco was selected as the only provider who could deliver a complete solution "out of the box" requiring little if any software application customization, integration and development. Samco was tasked to deliver an integrated, end to end solution consisting of servers, workstations and POS terminals with the Samco Power accounting applications including purchasing, WMS, POS GL/accounting, e-mail and general office applications. Linux was selected for the OS for security and cost reasons. 

The greatest challenge was the timeline -- less than one month from contract signing to opening the doors. "Samco President, Barry Clarke visited the site and committed that the project could be accomplished if they were the chosen provider. They delivered on that promise, despite many obstacles occurring, and we did not really expect that any company could! . Samco came on site with a team of four, added local support with an additional network engineer and when the doors opened the system was working, and sales staff were ringing sales and taking three currencies from an opening crowd estimated at more than 85,000,” explained Ned Trippe, the Company's Regional Director for Asia. 

Samco continues to provide full service for us -- local break and fix for hardware issues, database rationalization verification and training for the staff on all aspects of the system. "This was a truly remarkable accomplishment with an impossible timetable in a challenging market," quoted Trippe. "It is doubtful that another company could have achieved this result. It speaks to Samco's product and their willingness to get the job done, no matter the difficulty."

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