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XML (Magnetic Filing) Validator

We are now offering our Magnetic Filing Validator online on our website to download.

It will validate your XML files for your T4s, T4a, RL, and ROEs.

To download, please go to the following page.

2015 Payroll Year End

Year-end changes: Complete your Payroll year-end after the Last Check run for December (including calculation of the journal entry), and Prior to the First check run in January of the New Year.


  • -  Check date is the Year that that check calculation belongs in.
  • -  T4’s, T4A and “Releve” Forms DO NOT have to be printed prior to closing of December


-  The update can be installed anytime, you just cannot run the Payroll Menu Option for

apply tax changes until your Year-End has been completed.

-  No payroll checks dated for the following year should be run until the Year-End has

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